Getting Started with Weight Loss

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Getting started with a weight loss plan is sometimes the most challenging thing about it. Actually planning things, making preparations, scheduling workouts – it all becomes too much sometimes, because we as “do-it-all-now” type of people, want to do it all NOW and have everything planned to the detail. This can set us up for failure. I know, because I’ve lived it. Many, many times. Too many times I’d like to admin – but what’s the point in having a health and fitness blog, if you’re not planning on being totally transparent with your visitors and online community. We cannot lie to ourselves and think it’s ok to help others on their path to health.

– The hardest thing for me to admit, is that getting started is quite difficult. There’s a few phases I’ve come to realize:
– Thinking about losing weight and what it will feel like to be in a healthy(ier) body
– Researching about what fitness plan and food plan to do in order to lose weight
– Sitting down and writing things (planning)
– Following the plan

Sadly, I always seem to get stuck at the 2nd phase. I like to research things. I like to watch exercise videos online, reading articles, joining Facebook groups, seeing what other people are doing, and imagining all those options and how they can play into my life. I get obsessed. It goes on for months, until I actually take some form of action in planning. It sucks, and I hate it. Just being real!

I think it is because, even though I am a “do-er” I hate “do-ing” what needs to be done – when it comes to my health and fitness. I procrastinate up the yin-yang. It is something I always want to change about myself, and hopefully writing this blog will help me in doing that.

Let’s get real. Nothing happens, if nothing happens. I’ve been saying that for years – and also not really following its logic. If we do not “get started” we’ll never start. So, for all you out there wanting to start, here’s what you (and I) need to do. START. Right now, get up and do 10 squats. Come on, get up and do it. You CAN do it. It just takes action. It’ll only take like 10 seconds. You with me? OK, I’m doing it now.



I did it.

Was it horrible? No. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Why? Because I told myself to get up and do it, and I did.

I took action.

I started.

Now, the rest comes with doing more, a little here, a little there. And this will help build habits. And that, my friends, is how you get started! The problem is, we sometimes don’t continue, and then we lose the consistency, and we fail at making those good-for-us habits. We all need to focus on our “WHY” and realise we only have 1 life, and that we must do what is best for us. Make the commitment, find the time (even 10 minutes a day). Get started, today, and work your way through your “WHY”. You’ll see that day by day you get better.

I hope this helped, and I will be posting much more on this soon!

Till the next, be your best,



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