About the FitGirlFoodie

My name is Elyssa, and I am a health and fitness motivator and enthusiast, and have had all kinds of ups and downs in my own journey to health. I wanted to start this blog / website for quite some time, but always put it off – mainly because I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle myself, and felt that it wouldn’t be totally authentic to promote.

BUT, I realized that if I followed that logic, then it would probably never get done, and it probably wouldn’t be as important to me as I wanted it to be. If we all stopped doing things because we think we’ll fail, or because it’s not 100% ready, then we’d probably always be in procrastination mode.

I wanted to change this, and I wanted to help other women on their journey, because I know I have a lot of experience – having been there myself at 243 pounds, and having lost 94 of those pounds with Weight Watchers in in 2005. I have gone up, and down again and up again, and I want to help others, who can in turn help me to success.

So join me, join our website community and social media, and lets build a group of strong, motivated and like-minded women who are learning to love themselves, improve themselves, in both mind, body, and soul!

Much Love,